Boat trips for Danube Delta

  • The Reservation of Danube Delta
  • Letea
  • Sulina
  • Sf. Gheorghe

For more details and prices, please call us on: +40721082020

How to spend your free time at Beluga Guest House:

  • Pool relaxation
  • Biking (services offered nearby) ( servicii oferite în vecinătate)
  • Kayak canoe trips on Murighiol Lake (services offered nearby) ( servicii oferite în vecinătate)
  • Spa (services offered nearby) ( servicii oferite în vecinătate)
  • Amateur fishing 


In Mahmudia, aproximately 9 minutes away (with car) from Murighiol, there is an adventure park called Salsovia Adventure Park Mahmudia.

  • 8 routes of climbing on the Ship, on 5 levels- adds up to a total of 75 games.
  • 2 tyroleans at the deck of the Ship, each of 40 linear metres
  • Climbing pannel
  • Archery polygon
  • Paintball
  • Paintball field
  • Zorbing;